Selection of UMS Postgraduate entry is open every period. Applicants may register at the SPs-UMS admission building or online at Applicants passing the administrative selection will attend an admission test held simultaneously at the Siti Walidah UMS. The admission test materials for the master program are (1) Academic Potential Test (TPA) & English Test and (2) Interview. For doctoral program is (1) Academic Potential Test (TPA) & English Test, (2) Interview, (3) Eligibility of draft proposal, (4) Academic Recommendations, (5) Academic Work.

Applicants complete the following administrative requirements,

Admission Requirements for Master Program (S2)

  1. PDF file the registration form
  2. PDF file of certificate and transcript of undergraduate from an accredited PTN or PTS (1 sheet) with a minimum of 2.75 grade point average (GPA) that has been legalized
  3. Pay the registration and selection fee of Rp 500.000, – (five hundred thousand rupiah)
  4. JPG file photo 4×6
  5. PDF file academic recommendation letter from two persons deemed able to provide an academic eligibility assessment (form provided)
  6. PDF file identity of self (1 copy of ID card)

Admission Requirements for Doctoral Program (S3)

  1. Graduated Bachelor (S1) and Master (S2) from an accredited PTN or PTS
  2. Cumulative Achievement Index (GPA) bachelor at least 3.00 and master at least 3.25
  3. Pay the registration fee and entry selection of Rp 1,000,000, – (one million rupiah)
  4. Fill out the registration form with attached,
    (a) PDF file academic recommendation letter from 2 people who know the academic background of the candidate
    (b) PDF file of certificate and transcript of bachelor and master grades that have been legalized
    (c) JPG file photo 4×6 size
    (d) PDF file draft research proposal for dissertation writing
    (e) Scholarship certificate from sponsor (if any)
    (g) Any scientific work or articles ever published in an accredited journal or international journal (if any)
    (h) Scientific work in the form of research (if any)
    (i)  Scientific work in the form of books with ISBN (if any)