in addition to emphasizing theory in learning between lecturers and students, UMS emphasizes the practice of the theory through learning in the laboratory. All the faculty in UMS, has a laboratory to support the needs of students in applying, utilizing, and creating results from a theory, to be better prepared to work. Laboratories in UMS are (1) Accounting Laboratory; (2) Pharmaceutical Laboratory; (3) Geography Laboratory; (4) Law Laboratory; (5) Nutrition Laboratory; (6) Chemical Laboratory; (7) Biological Laboratory; (8) Communications Laboratory; (9) Mathematical Laboratory; (10) Microteaching Laboratory; (11) FKI Computer Laboratory; (12) Psychology Laboratory; (13) Architectural Laboratory; (14) CAD (Computer Aided Design); (15) CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing); (16) CAE (Computer Aided Engineering); (17) Electrical Laboratory; (18) Physics Laboratory; (19) Computer Engineering Laboratory; (20) Mechanical Engineering Laboratory; (21) Civil Engineering Laboratory; (22) Mini Bank Syariah; (23) Capital market; (24) Bookstore UMS; (25) Sports Hall


Libraries are a source of knowledge, therefore UMS library seeks to provide the best services to its visitors. It has 40,000 collections of academic books and non-academic books, a collection of theses, and the research archive makes the UMS library one of the most complete libraries in Surakarta. UMS library provides printed collections and e-books, for e-books to be downloaded freely. It is an innovation service for the needs of visitors in the field of technology.

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The mosque is a means of worship of Muslims are provided in several campuses, in order to facilitate the civitas UMS and community. The central mosque (in the development stage) is provided as a means of propagation and the center of Islamic activities

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