UMS together with UGM and UIN Malang in Al-Azhar University, Egypt

Recently, UMS, UGM and UIN Malang collaborate as a consortium to open Bahasa Indonesia Department in Al-Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. One of the implementation of collaborations between Al-Azhar University and the Consortium is offering Bahasa Indonesia an elective course in all Faculties in Al-Azhar University. Bahasa Indonesia program will be offered in September 2019.
The Dean of Language Faculty of Al-Azhar Cairo, Egypt, Prof. Thoha Ibrahim Badri visited UMS on 11 February 2019. He was welcomed by the Rector of UMS, representative from Muhammadiyah Organization, and The Head of Consortium. In the meeting he said that nowadays more and more people in Egypt are interested in learning Bahasa Indonesia He also said that the President of Al-Azhar University really hopes that there will be Indonesian lectures who are willing to teach Bahasa Indonesia in his university. As a reciprocal collaboration, Bahasa Indonesia Department in UMS offers Student Exchange program and Research Collaboration students and lecturers from Al-Azhar University.

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