The Graduate School of the Muhammadiyah University Surakarta (SPs-UMS) was established in 1996 which began with the opening of the Islamic Studies Master’s degree study program. Then in 1998, the Master of Management study program was opened. Several years later in 2001, SPs opened three new study programs, namely Master of Education Management, Master of Law, and Master of Civil Engineering. In 2006, SPs-UMS opened further two new study programs, namely Master of Language Studies and Master of Psychology.

In 2009 the Doctor of Philosophy (S3) in Law and Master of Islamic Education programs became official. In addition, in 2013, the Master of Islamic Law program was officially established as a study program, having previously operated as a study concentration from the Master of Islamic Thought.

In 2014, SPs-UMS was trusted to open a new Master’s degree, namely Master of Pharmacy and Master of Mechanical Engineering. In 2015, more study programs were opened, namely Master of Accounting and Master of Chemical Engineering, and in 2017, the Doctor of Philosophy in Islamic Education and Master’s degree in Primary Education were opened. In 2018, a new study program was reopened, namely the Master of English Education.