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To become a Master of Chemical Engineering study program that excels in the field of natural resource processing technology and clean technology based on Islamic values and provides direction for change by 2029.


  1. Organize Master’s education with a curriculum based on chemical engineering and upholding Islamic values.
  2. Develop research focused on topics of natural resource utilization and clean technology.
  3. Conduct community service related to natural resources and clean technology as well as establish cooperation with other agencies both nationally and internationally


After being declared graduated, you will be given a Master of Engineering degree.


SemesterCourse CodeCourse NameCredits
IMTK1113Al-Islam and Muhammadiyah (AIK)2
MTK1233Advanced Thermodynamics3
MTK1333Advanced Transfer Process3
MTK1433Natural Material Technology3
MTK1533Elective Course 13
IIMTK2133Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering3
MTK2233Clean Technology3
MTK2333Research Methodology3
MTK2433Elective Course 23
IIIMTK3133Advanced Separation Technology3
MTK3233Elective Course 33
MTK3332Research Proposal2
MTK3441Proposal Seminar1
IVMTK4142Research Seminar2
Total (Overall)43

Teaching Staff

  1. Dr. Ir. Ahmad M Fuadi, MT (UGM, Indonesia)
  2. M. Mujiburohman, ST., MT., Ph.D (Waterloo University, Canada)
  3. Ir. Herry Purnama, MT., PhD (Newcastle University, UK)
  4. Denny Vitasari, ST., MEng.Sc., PhD (Manchester University, UK)
  5. Prof. Dra. Kun Harismah, MSi., PhD (Shefield University, UK)
  6. Dr. Akida Mulyaningtyas, ST., MSc (UGM, Indonesia)
  7. Rois Fathoni, ST., MSc., PhD (Waterloo University, Kanada)
  8. Ir. Nur Hidayati, MT., PhD (Newcastle University, UK)
  9. Tri Widayatno, ST., MSc., PhD (Newcastle University, UK)
  10. Dr. Agung Sugiharto, ST., MT (UGM, Indonesia)
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