Why choose UMS?

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, or shortened to UMS, is a prestigious Indonesian private university that was established in 1958. Previously, the university was formerly named IKIP Muhammadiyah Surakarta and mainly focused on primary school education with its prominent Teacher Training and Education Faculty. Since the name change to UMS in 1981, there have been numerous department additions that have expanded UMS’ focus, some of which are Law, Economy, Engineering, Psychology, Health Medicine, Religion of Islam Faculties among others. Currently, the Postgraduate School of UMS offers this selection¬†of programs.

UMS is part of the Muhammadiyah association, in fact, it is one of the 164 Muhammadiyah higher education institutions. Our main philosophy is “Wacana Keilmuan dan Keislaman” which translates to “Scientific and Islamic discourse”. Therefore the university promotes the mastering of science, technology, and art, to serve sincerely to God and provide benefits to the ummah. See our vision and mission to learn more.

Since 2016, UMS has been featured in QS World Rankings. As of 2021, the university occupies the 601+ bracket for QS Asian university rankings and the 1001+ bracket for QS world university rankings. This puts UMS in 10th place for Indonesian universities and 2nd place for private universities in Indonesia.

UMS actively cooperates in the education sector, government, organizations and the industrial world domestically. The university also strives to achieve global recognition, and thus it is our goal to collaborate with other institutions across the world. We have many cooperations with other institutions such as Kyungdong University in South Korea, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Malaysia and Curtin University in Australia just to name a few. Click here to learn more about our collaboration.

Above all, Surakarta is a wonderful city for many students to live in. Combining its vibrant Javanese culture, mouthwatering cuisines, affordable living costs, and ample public facilities make the city a delightful experience for your study years. To learn more about Surakarta, click here.

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