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To be a center for education and the development of science and technology in the field of infrastructure management that is able to provide direction for change based on Islamic values by 2029.


  1. To organize education in the field of infrastructure management in order to produce graduates who are professional and have noble character.
  2. To organize research activities with a focus on infrastructure management that benefits the community.
  3. To organize community service activities that are oriented towards improving the standard of living of the community.
  4. To explore Islamic values, especially those related to infrastructure management.


  1. Produce graduates of Masters in Civil Engineering who are professional and have noble character.
  2. Produce research products, books, and scientific publications in the field of Civil Engineering.
  3. Produce services to the community as part of social and environmental responsibility.
  4. Produce civil engineering studies based on Islamic values, especially in the field of infrastructure management.


After being declared graduated, you will be given a Master of Engineering degree.


SemesterCourse NameCredits
IApplied Mathematics & Statistics3
Advanced Civil Engineering Applied Science3
Infrastructure Maintenance Management3
Project Feasibility Analysis3
Environmental & Traffic Impact Analysis3
IIResearch Methodology3
Infrastructure Asset Management3
III & IVProposal & Thesis Seminar3
Thesis & Article Publication6

Elective Courses (12 Credits from 36 Credits)

SemesterCourse NameCredits
IIOperational Management & Infrastructure Maintenance3
Water Resources Management3
Advanced Material Technology3
Transportation System & Infrastructure Management3
Passenger & Freight Public Transport Management3
Advanced Structural Analysis3
Advanced Hydrology & Hydraulics3
River and Swamp Engineering3
Soil and Slope Improvement Techniques3
Civil Engineering Application Program3
Operational Management & Infrastructure Maintenance3
Water Resources Management3

Non-Civil Engineering Matriculation Course (Independent Class, 20 Credits)

  1. Structural Analysis
  2. Project Management & RAB
  3. Transportation Systems and Highways
  4. Hydraulics and Hydrology
  5. Soil Mechanics & Concrete Structure

Teaching Staff

1.  Nurul Hidayati, PhD (University of Leeds, UK)
2. Sri Sunarjono, PhD (Nottingham University, UK)
3. Dr. Dhani Mutiari (UGM, Indonesia)
4. Purwanti SP, PhD
5. Ir. M. Nursahid, MM, MT
6. Prof. Dr Ahmad Munawar
7. Moch Solikin, PhD (RMIT, Australia)
8. Sri Atmaja, PhD
9. Ir. Agus Riyanto, MT
10. Ir. Zil Hardi I, MT (cd Dr)
11. Jazaul Ikhsan, PhD
12. Dr. Eng. M. Zudhy Irawan
13. Ir Ali Asroni, MT

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