365 UMS Students Achieve Scholarships

A total of 365 students won scholarships for the UMS program in the 2021/2022 academic year. “For private universities, that is a very large number,” said Vice-Chancellor 1 of UMS Prof., Dr., Harun Joko Prayitno (20/9/2021).

The UMS scholarship programs aim to recruit new UMS students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels based on the achievements of prospective students while studying at high school or fresh graduates. The programs are conducted in every new student enrollment period with the selection process being based on portfolio and achievements obtained from the previous level of study.

UMS Undergraduate scholarship programs include Kiai Haji Ahmad Dahlan (BKAD) Scholarship, UMS Excellence Scholarship (BU-UMS), Tunas Unggul Muhammadiyah and Regional  Scholarship (BTUMD), UMS Achievement Scholarship (BP-UMS), UMS International Scholarship ( BI-UMS), and the Hafidz Al-Qur’an Scholarship.

Meanwhile, the UMS Postgraduate scholarship programs include Bakti Persyarikatan Postgraduate Scholarship (BP-BP), Tunas Unggul Postgraduate Scholarship (BPTU), and Ta’awun Postgraduate Scholarship for the State (BPTUN).

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